Editorial board


Editorial Board

Our editorial board is made up of practitioners, researchers, scientists, educators and specialists in medicinal and aromatic plants from around the world. They assist us with peer review, sourcing content and verifying accuracy of information.  They lend their expertise and advice to ensure we bring you the most current and practitioner-relevant information.

Editor: Rhiannon Lewis (France)

Associate Editor: Gabriel Mojay (UK)

Editorial Board:

Pat Antoniak (Canada)

Ann Carter (UK)

Pam Conrad (USA)

Trish Dunning (Australia)

Jeannie Dyer (UK)

Ann Harman (USA)

Bob Harris (UK)

Wendy Maddocks-Jennings (New Zealand)

Naho Maruyama (Japan)

Mark Moss (UK)

Sandi Nye (South Africa)

Lara Orafidiya (Nigeria)

Laraine Pounds (USA)

Juergen Reichling (Germany)

Marianne Tavares (Canada)

Sandy Van Vuuren (South Africa)