Welcome to the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy.

Clinical Aromatherapists often use a range of application methods, styles and doses that may differ from the more traditional styles
such as aromatherapy massage. Healthcare professionals also require a source of evidence-based information
in order to successfully integrate clinical aromatherapy within orthodox practice.
The IJCA meets the needs of clinical aromatherapists by presenting solid practitioner-orientated and evidence-based information
in a professional e-journal format.

Unlike any other aromatherapy journal currently available, each issue has a specific theme,
with the majority of articles therein contributing valuable information concerning the chosen topic.

Two issues are published per year. 

The theme for 2020 (Issue 15 volumes 1&2) is Resiliency: Coping in Crisis

All articles are peer reviewed and referenced where possible.
Members of the editorial board are all highly experienced in the essential oil field.

In 2014 the IJCA transitioned to e-format. All issues from 2006 forward are available as downloadable files (PDF).

The IJCA is the main sponsor of the renowned international clinical aromatherapy conference: botanica2020





Botanica2020 was the fifth edition of this biennial international event that is established as the main conference in every clinical aromatherapist's calendar. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, this edition was transitioned to a fully virtual event that took place 18-20 September 2020.

Created, facilitated and hosted by Rhiannon Lewis and with the support of the IJCA, the botanica conference series brings together plant passionate professionals from all over the world for :
conference lectures with world renowned speakers
masterclasses with leaders in the fields of plant medicine and clinical aromatherapy
 international trade show connecting you with suppliers from around the world
 Dynamic and fruitful exchanges with peers, researchers, suppliers and educators

Recordings of all lectures and masterclasses that took place at botanica2020 are available via the Essential Oil Resource Consultants website.