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Editor in Chief

Rhiannon Lewis is the editor in chief of the IJCA and director of Essential Oil Resource Consultants.

She has been with the journal since its inception.
She is an experienced aromatherapist, author and gifted educator.
Through publication of evidence-based articles and research studies, she inspires practitioners to use essential oils and related products across a range of healthcare settings.

Rhiannon is also the organiser and host of the renowned botanica series of international conferences held biennially.

Rhiannon is:

*† †Dedicated to her work as editor and educator.
* Motivated by the potential of essential oils to significantly improve health and quality of life.
* Driven by the desire to make evidence-based information available to therapists.
* Keen to facilitate the integration of essential oil therapy alongside regular medical care.
* Passionate about promoting the field of clinical aromatherapy.

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Rhiannon is supported by an international editorial board that consists of
practitioners, researchers, scientists, educators and specialists in medicinal and aromatic plants
from around the world.

They actively assist the IJCA with peer review, sourcing content and verifying accuracy of information. 
They lend their expertise and advice to ensure the journal brings you the most current and practitioner-relevant information.
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