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2-5 September 2016
University of Sussex, Brighton, UK

3 days of conference
. 3 days of international trade show
. 1 day of workshops
. A special two day professional distillation masterclass

Hosted by the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy

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The International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy was launched in response to the demands of practitioners working with essential oils in healthcare and related professions.

These therapists often use a range of application methods, styles and doses that may differ from the more traditional styles such as aromatherapy massage.
Healthcare professionals also require a source of evidence based information in order to successfully integrate clinical aromatherapy within orthodox practice.

The IJCA meets the needs of therapists by presenting solid practitioner-orientated and evidence-based information in a professional format.
Unlike any other aromatherapy journal currently available, each issue has a specific theme, with the majority of articles therein contributing valuable information concerning the chosen topic. Two issues are published per year.

All articles are peer reviewed and referenced where possible.
Members of the editorial board are all highly experienced in the essential oil field.


The transition of the IJCA from hard copy to e-format in 2014 has been a great success with our readers! It has permitted us to further improve and extend the journal's scope and content.

Published twice a year (June and December), the IJCA continues to bring you excellence in evidence-based aromatherapeutics with a view to directly informing and enhancing your practice. We are now receiving subscriptions for 2016. Why not subscribe today?

As the only journal worldwide focussed on clinical aromatherapy, we have begun compiling opinions from our readers worldwide concerning the titles Clinical Aromatherapy and Clinical Aromatherapist. Our aim is to encourage a clearer definition and recognition of what these titles actually mean. Our free supplement on this topic can be accessed here

This supplement will be added to as more reader's views are received by the editors. Why not have your say? Contact the editors with your views on the subject

The IJCA is proud to be the main host and organiser of botanica2016, an international conference of clinical aromatherapy and herbal therapeutics. This is our third event that brings together producers, researchers, practitioners, suppliers and health care professionals for over 3 days of rich and profitable exchanges. You will not want to miss this event! Full details and registrations can be found here:

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Botanica 2014 conference proceedings

Botanica2014 conference proceedings

These comprise the full text presentations of over 20 international speakers who presented at botanica2014.

Totalling over 160 pages, these proceedings are essential reading for those who were unable to attend the event itself.

Order your copy online here

Meet the editors

Rhiannon Lewis (formerly Harris) is the editor in chief of the IJCA and director of Essential Oil Resource Consultants.
She has been with the journal since its inception in 2004.

She is an experienced aromatherapist, author and gifted educator. Through publication of evidence-based articles and research studies, she inspires practitioners to use essential oils and related products across a range of healthcare settings.
Rhiannon is

  • dedicated to her work as editor and educator.

  • motivated by the potential of essential oils to significantly improve health and quality of life.

  • driven by the desire to make evidence-based information available to therapists wishing to effectively integrate essential oil use alongside regular medical care.

  • passionate about promoting the field of clinical aromatherapy.

Rhiannon is supported by an experienced editorial board who assist with peer review and sourcing of journal content.

Associate Editor: Gabriel Mojay
LicAc, CertEd, FIFPA

Gabriel Mojay is a UK-registered practitioner of aromatherapy, herbal medicine and acupuncture. He first studied natural medicine in 1978, specializing in shiatsu therapy, and subsequently trained in traditional Chinese medicine and essential oil therapeutics.

Since 1990 Gabriel has been Principal of the London-based Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy (ITHMA). He has given seminars and conference lectures in France, Ireland, the Czech Republic, the UK, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China and Hong Kong. He is a founding Co-Chairman of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA), co-author of Shiatsu - the complete guide, and author of Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit.

Gabriel is

  • ardent about advancing the role of essential oils and hydrosols in all forms of medicine - within Western, Oriental, botanical and psychological therapeutics alike
  • committed to furthering the integration of evidence-based practice and person-centered holism in aromatherapy.

  • devoted to the profession of aromatherapy and to empowering its practitioners by helping to share both cutting-edge research and traditional healing wisdom.

  • inspired by the opportunity of disseminating the vital work of international peers through his role as the IJCA's new Associate Editor.


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Volume 11 (1)GASTROINTESTINAL HEALTH (publication date: June 2016)

Volume 11 (2) DIGESTIVE SYSTEM DISORDERS (publication date: December 2016)


Volume 10 (1) ELDERLY CARE